Domaine Berthelemot cultivates 7.8 ha in the Côte de Beaune winegrowing district.

Covering 376 ha, this is the largest white wine producing commune with some of the most famous premier cru wines in Burgundy.


Appellation: Meursault white wine

-Plots: Les Vireuils and Les Gorges de Narvaux

-History : the plots are situated at the top of the slopes and mostly first cultivated between the 2 world wars; “Les Vireuils” refers to a path around the hills and “Les Gorges de Narvaux” a narrow valley at the top of the slopes

-Orientation: E and SE., altitude of 320/340m

-Domain surface area: 14 a.22ca. and 34a. 34ca.

-Date planted:1962,1999 and 2003

-Graft: chardonnay, visual selection and clone

-Vinestock: 3309 C and 161-49 C

-Soil: marls and pebbles on hard, limestone rock


-Taste: as the grapes  mature a little late in this location, they are generally picked at the end of the harvesting period; when young, the wine is first dry and long in the mouth and then gains in elegance with age

-Serving temperature: 12/14°C and recent vintages may be decantered to enhance the aroma.

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