Meursault Les Tillets
This is the most extensive white winegrowing area with a surface area of 376 ha from which originate some of the best known Burgundy, premier cru wines.

Appellation: Meursault
- Sector: Les Tillets (total surface area 11 ha 20 a)
- History : old word for the lime tree, very common in this area and frequently used for medicinal purposes in the middle ages
- Orientation: SE at an altitude of between 320 and 340m
- Domain surface area: 25a 83ca
- Slope: 5 to 10%
- Date planted: 1962
- Graft: Chardonnay, visual selection
- Soil: brown limestone type with a layer of humus and gravel on a hard rocky base
- Taste: similar to Puligny-Montrachet owing to the location and altitude of the plot; wines have elegant, mineral tones with good persistency in the mouth, brisk and distinguished
- Serving temperature: 12-14°C and it can be advisable to decant recent vintages to enhance the aroma.
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