Monthelie red
Located between the better known villages of Volnay and Meursault, Monthelie has a small, total surface area of 129 ha and has gradually built up its reputation for the quality of its red and white wines.

The domain has three plots in two sectors from which its red wine is made:

- Sector: Pierrefittes
- History: it is believed that on this land there may have stood a dolmen or “Pierre fichée”  (an upright stone)
- Orientation: South at an altitude of 310 to 330m
- Slope: 7 to 15%
- Soil: light coloured stone, reverberating sunlight, with an underlayer of clay
- Domain surface area: 81 a 19 ca over 2 plots:
- Date planted: 1984 and 1986
- Vinestock: SO 4
- Graft: Pinot Noir clones 113,114,115
- Date planted: 1962
- Vinestock: 5 BB
- Graft: Pinot Noir, visual selection
- Taste: the little grapes from these plots give a coloured, robust wine with an aroma of black berries and violets together with long and consistent mineral hints

- Sector: Les Jouères
- History: the name originates from the old French word “jouelles” meaning the crossbars placed between the stakes and used for tying the vine
- Orientation: SE at an altitude of 260m
- Domain surface area: 28 a 55 ca
- Slope: 0 to 2%
- Soil: shallow clay and limestone on a hard substratum
- Date planted: 1969
- Vinestock: 5 BB
- Graft: Pinot Noir, visual selection
- Taste: the wine originating from this plot, contrary to the Pierrefittes plots,  has an aroma of fresh red berries and is fullbodied and velvety on the palate

- Blending: the wines originating from both sectors are blended together at the end of the maturing stage in casks giving a harmonious combination, slightly dominated by the denser
tones of the Pierrefittes wine

-Serving temperature: 15-16°C and it can be advisable to decant recent vintages to enhance the aroma.
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