Because of the summer weather conditions, some rot set in, particularly for the reds but as the good weather returned it was possible to stop it spreading, retard the harvesting time and thus allow the grapes to ripen sufficiently.
The domain started to harvest the reds on 30 August, before the whites, and finished after one week with the whites and the Hautes Côtes crop.

Red wines
For the Beaune sectors, the reds needed careful sorting but the condition of the grapes in Monthelie and Pommard was satisfactory.
Arround 20/30% of the total crop was able to be used without destalking ; as the grapes arrived at the cellar at a high temperature, particularly in the afternoon, it was necessary to cool them down to 12°C in order to retard the alcoholic fermentation.
The musts had a relatively high sugar content and good acidity.
Extraction of the colour was quite fast and the tannins seemed relatively well blended.
Maceration lasted between 20 and 25 days.
When transferred from the vats the wines were rich red with an aroma of ripe red berries and long and generous on the palate with fine tannic hints.
The acidity was good with a high malic acid content; the Ph level was quite high facilitating commencement of the malolactic fermentation which in fact started in February for the Beaune wines and finished around end September for the Hautes Côtes wines.

White wines
For the white wines, the condition is excellent in spite of the fact that maturity is a little retarded; pressed whole, without destalking, they have clarified well.
The alcoholic fermentation in casks was consistent and finished quite quickly without excessive rise in temperature; the malolactic fermentation which started in February caused a sharp fall in acidity following a high malic acid content.      On maturity, the wines have finesse, freshness and are soft and smooth on the palate.



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