Protection of the environment HVE (Haute Valeur Environmentale) certification

The sole aim of Domaine Berthelemot is to produce fine Burgundy wines of the best quality possible

  • while ensuring that for future generations, all the characteristics of the land
  • and its potential are respected

To this end and in addition to the “Agriculture Raisonnée” certification awarded in 2009, the domain is committed to the specifications of the “HVE” (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certification, the coverage of which is more vast than the “Agriculture Biologique” standards.

The “HVE” specifications correspond fully with our own principles:

  • protection of the bio-diversity and quality of the water
  • determine and respect the production potential of each plot
  • master the fertilization and treatment methods of the vine
  • adapt the production techniques to the environment so as to preserve its present and future natural equilibrium.

This means for our domain, as responsible winegrowers, a pledge to cultivate in such a manner that the environment is preserved in every way for the benefit and pleasure of our customers of today and tomorrow.

Take 3 examples:

  • this certification and its symbol signify that we abide by a clear list of rules whereby a given percentage of agro-environmental land is set aside for the flora and fauna compatible with a good balance of natural conditions in the interest of our future production and well-being for all.
  • it is an obligation to monitor and control inputs with the best methods, such as working the soil rather than using herbicides where possible, when spraying is necessary, we have invested in special equipment, more precise and better adapted to the degree of environmental protection we uphold.
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