« Savoir-faire » ... by Domaine Berthelemot.

« Savoir-faire »  - that’s what our business is all about: how to make fine wines for your greatest pleasure !

For us, “savoir-faire” also covers all the state-of-the-art winegrowing and winemaking process with full regard for the natural environment such that the wines produced are of the highest quality and best reflect the land and plot of origin.

This “know-how” signifies as well, that in order to produce Burgundy wines classified AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) a strict discipline is observed, for example:

  • Density of vine plantation 10000 per hectare in order to moderate growth
  • Pruning in accordance with either Guyon- cordon or Royat method leaving a maximum of 8 buds per vine plant (80000 buds per hectare)
  • Minimum sugar level at harvest time
  • maximum yield as determined each year according to the characteristics of the vintage
  • Quality standard approval of the wine by an independent body, before bottling.
une équipe attentionné pour les vignes, domaine berthelemot - grands vins de bourgogne

The quality of a wine depends on how the vine has been cared for. Fieldwork is carried out by personnel from the domain, throughout the year.

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