White wines:

After the sorting table the grapes, neither destalked nor crushed, are fed by elevator belt to a closed-cage pneumatic press ; the pressing cycle which is progressive in pressure and with a few breaking up phases enables a quality juice to be gently extracted.

Following an interval of 12 to 24 hours, cooling down of the must to approx 12°C if necessary and a settling period, the coarse sediment is removed.

For the alcoholic fermentation the clear juice is filled into casks and stored in a temperature controlled cellar at no more than 21/22°C; occasionally, selected yeasts are added in order to

prevent any organoleptic alteration and to allow a slow but thorough elimination of the sugar after 4/8 weeks. During this process and depending on the taste, the lees may be stirred from time to time until the beginning of the malolactic fermentation in Winter or Spring.

The domain uses about 25% new casks which will give an aroma without hiding the characteristics of the wine and the plot of origin.

The wine will remain on the lees until July by which time it will be clear and if necessary, a fining agent added, depending on taste and experience, before filtering and bottling.

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