The quality of a future wine is born in the vineyard and for Domaine Berthelemot, this factor is of major importance.

On average, the age of the vines on the domain is quite high and the older plots consist in visually selected vines with low yield; our principle is to maintain this situation as far as possible so as to preserve this genetic diversity but planting from time to time new vines when necessary and in this manner ensure an adequate production level and retard for as long as feasible, entire replacement of the vine stock. The soil is worked mechanically to facilitate good aeration and microbian action and also allow the vine roots to penetrate as deeply as possible which in time will give the future wine its character.

In Winter the vines are carefully pruned according to the size of each plant and potential yield capacity; in Spring, the vines are debudded and left with just the number of shoots able to support later on, a reasonable amount of grapes.

This is followed by a number of activities in the field: canes have to be trained up or down so as to avoid that vegetation becomes too dense; at the same time all secondary, lateral branches are cut off. After flowering and as the young grapes begin to form it is sometimes necessary to cut off any excess bunches. In most plots, leaves are trimmed away to give good exposure for the bunches to develop in good healthy conditions.

Vines are only treated by approved methods in accordance with “agriculture raisonnée” standards: the products used and the period of application depend on the state of the vegetation, the degree of fungi or pest infestation and weather conditions. As the grapes mature (increase in sugar level and reduction in acidity) they are regularly checked and tasted in order to assess when they should be harvested.

Grapes are selected and picked by hand , all unripe or rotten bunches being discarded ; this is facilitated by the fact that most of the picking team return each year and are familiar with our standards of quality.

During harvesting, the grapes are despatched as quickly as possible in 30kg crates to the vathouse where a second selection takes place on a sorting table so that only ripe and healthy grapes proceed for vinification.

la taille des vignes, domaine berthelemot - grands vins de bourgogne

Pruning in winter is adapted to the size and growth rate of the vine and the volume of crop production planned.

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