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Domaine Berthelemot is a family business based in Meursault and cultivating 15 hectares in the Côte de Beaune area (Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, Pommard, Beaune....). Our pledge is to produce wines revealing the true quality characteristics of the land and take care to protect the environment. Our wines are certified "organic" from vintage 2021.

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The vine

  • Plot /climat

    Noizons and Petit Noizons

  • History

    Since the middle ages Pommard has been considered as the most reputable of the Beaune district wines; the surface area is 320ha and wines are rich, aromatic and may be kept for many years.  « Noizons » area is a land originally planted with walnut trees.

  • Soil

    Brown limestone, stony, reddish with some ferrous oxide.

  • Our plot(s)

    1ha 84a 79ca, planted between 1924 and 1997.

The wine

  • Description

    100% Pinot Noir from handpicked grapes ; raised in oak casks.

  • Taste

    With a dark red colour, the nose is deep with a complexe range of aromas ripe: red fruit, sweet spices. The palate is powerful and sound. While aging the « sauvages » aromas will get more and more remarkable as the wine will be at it's best.

  • Serving temperature

    15/16°C. It is recommended to decant recent vintages so as to enhance the aroma.

Le Millésime

  • Year 2021 : down in history for frost. The frost which hit the French winelands was the worst ever experienced. Our domain was seriously struck with a yield equivalent to a third of a normal grape harvest. The frost early in April, slowed down the growth rate of the vine which took time to recover in addition to which the season was marked by frequent periods of rain , beneficial for the life of the vine but complicating the control of mildew and oidium. It was not an easy season to manage right up to harvest time as from 18 September when again spells of rain did not facilitate matters ; nevertheless, healthy grapes were selected after careful sortation on picking and before processing such that on monitoring the maturity of the wine , its equilibrium is surprisingly satisfactory. The red wines are bright , ruby coloured, supple and delicate in the mouth with a touch of small , red fruit on the nose.
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